SurPro’s Identity is Innovating for the Professional Contractor

Magnum Tool Corp, Inc. was founded in 1989 primarily as a hand-tool wholesaler targeting the Houston Market. As the company grew, it saw a need for high quality, professional tools designed for the drywall contractors. To target this market, the Magnum Tool Corp, Inc. created the SurPro brand. Today SurPro products can be found everywhere in the US and many international locations such as Canada and the UK.

In 1995 Magnum’s sister company, The Forest Group, Inc., introduced the Sur-Stilt drywall stilt. Like the other items in the SurPro family, the Sur-Stilt takes elements from the traditional drywall tools and adds features that transforms the user’s experience. Stronger, more reliable construction, new pioneering use of materials, and innovative engineering led to the introduction of the patented S2 Double Sided Sur-Stilt. In 2016, the engineers at The Forest Group introduced even more features to improve comfort, stability, and safety in the signature QuadLock stilt line.


The SurPro Families Commitment to Our Products and Customers

The Magnum Tool Corp., Inc. and The Forest Group, Inc. stand behind their products and services and offer the industry’s best warranties and customer support. Our devoted team of engineers, customer service representatives, and product experts work in tandem to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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