1Where can I buy your stilts?
You can purchase stilts right here on www.stilts.com. These stilts ship directly from the original distributor located in Houston Texas. If you want to see a stilt in person, use our dealer finder to locate one of our dealers near you.
2What are Sur-Pro stilts designed for?
Sur-Pro stilts are designed as a tool used by drywallers and painters in the construction and remolding industry. Sur-Pro stilts are not designed for recreational use or as a performance prop.
3I want to purchase other SurPro products not found on www.stilts.com. Where can I go to purchase these items?
Stilts.com only offers a selection of items in our extensive Sur-Pro product line. Please contact our customer service team for more information or to find a dealer near you.
4What's the maximum load your stilts can carry?
The maximum weight our stilts can hold is 225 pounds. This weight limit includes any tools or materials carried on your person. Please do not mount our stilts if your total weight is more than 225 pounds.
5I've never used stilts before. How can I walk on your stilts?
Please download the correct manual for your stilt here and read the entire manual before attempting to walk.
  • Prepare your stilts by installing the parts and making the necessary adjustments.
  • Find a colleague to help you mount the stilts and secure the straps.
  • Take slow, deliberate, and short steps. Pick the stilt up completely off the ground with each step. Never drag or shuffle the stilts on the ground. Keep your stilts apart when walking and do not let them touch.
  • To turn or change directions, walk in a wide “U” shape. Practice walking until you are comfortable in the stilts and feel able to walk unassisted.
6Are your stilt parts interchangeable with other stilt brands?
Some Sur-Pro parts can be installed on non Sur-Pro stilts. However, Sur-Pro and Stilts.com cannot guarantee any Sur-Pro parts installed on a non Sur-Pro stilt.
7Can non Sur-Pro parts be used to repair a Sur-Pro stilt?
Please only use genuine Sur-Pro replacement parts on any Su-rPro stilts. All warranties are void if non Sur-Pro parts are used on a Sur-Pro stilt. You can purchase genuine Sur-Pro parts here.
8I am taller or shorter than average. Can I use your stilts?
Yes, all our stilts are adjustable! However, depending on how tall you are, and what size stilt you purchase, the stilt right out of the box may not be as comfortable. You may need longer or shorter side poles to accommodate your height. Please contact our customer service team for advice on how to customize your stilts.
9Do you offer a warranty for your stilts?
The Forest Group, Inc. offers a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase on our stilts. The warranty is non-transferable and limited exclusively to the original purchaser. Please visit our warranty page here for more information.
10How can I return my stilt for repair or replacement as covered by your warranty?
Please visit the warranty page here for more information on submitting a repair request.